News & Events-Launch of new electromagnetic field assessment service

Frazer-Nash Consultancy, specialists in complex offshore design and analysis projects, has announced the launch of a new Electromagnetic Field assessment service for offshore operators.

This service will ensure offshore operators are compliant with the new European Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Directive which comes into force in July 2016. The directive will specify advisory limiting levels for human exposure to electromagnetic fields and employers will need to be aware of the levels their employees are exposed to.

This is critical to offshore operators as much of the equipment used such as turbo-generators, pump motors, HV cables, and UPS systems all generate fields that can exceed guidance limits.  In the cramped environment of an offshore platform or floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO), workers may routinely work within range of this equipment, and while some amount of exemption has been given to medical and defence employers, offshore operators will still be expected to comply with the EMF Directive when legally adopted by respective EU countries.

Frazer-Nash is launching its Electromagnetic Field assessment service using experience gained from its electromagnetic compatibility service to help operators survey platforms and identify potential problem areas. The implications for operations and maintenance can then be assessed, and changes to the layout of the relevant plant proposed and investigated.

Oil and Gas Business Manager, Neil Whyld, said:"This is a very exciting development for us.  We've been helping operators deal with operational issues for years and now we can help them resolve an emerging problem quickly and effectively before it has any negative impact".