News & Events-MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin (DCB) article studies Integrated Munition Health Management

Weapons systems budgets are shrinking across NATO and many countries are consequently starting to share capabilities; however, there is as yet no universal standard for monitoring the health of shared stockpiles.

MOD Defence Contracts Bulletin (MOD DCB), the official journal of the UK MOD has published an article on 'Integrated Munition Health Management: a universal standard for shared capabilities'.

Integrated Munition Health Management (IMHM) is an approach being developed through the Scientific Technology Strategy Organisation, jointly chaired by Frazer-Nash, with the aim to produce uniform guidelines and best practice codes for all nations.

In the DCB article, Frazer-Nash Senior Consultant, Steve Wagstaff explains how IMHM aims to address this issue for both legacy and future systems across domains. In particular, the article outlines that the need for safety is paramount, and going forward, the system for IMHM will help to ensure that all weapons will be at an acceptable standard as nations begin to share capabilities.

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