News & Events-Addressing the barriers to unmanned marine vehicle development

Featured in Defence Contracts Bulletin, Andrew Hale, a research engineer at Frazer-Nash, looks at what lessons we can learn from the aviation industry to remove some of the barriers to unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV) development

Although funding for R&D into UMVs has increased, development is still slow when compared to the advances made with Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs).

UMVs encounter the same constraints as their counter-parts in the aviation industry, from technological difficulties through to public perception and safety regulation. However, UAVs have achieved a greater operational impact. Their success has been the result of the collaborative approach taken by industry partners and key stakeholders across the aviation sector. Although the technical challenges presented to the maritime industry are greater than aviation, Hale points to a disjoined sector as one of the greatest barriers to the wider uptake of UMVs.

Hale suggests a collaborative development approach to UMVs across the major technical areas with key stakeholders could be one way to unlock the potential market to the mutual benefit of designers, owners and operators.


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