News & Events-Are multi-starts damaging your gas turbine?

In an opinion piece in Energy World, first published in the July/August issue by the Energy Institute

Frazer-Nash's Gas turbine specialist, Gary Lock looks at the potential damage being caused by gas turbine operators multi-starting their machines.

Initially gas turbines were designed to facilitate base loading, with minimal starts, due to changes in the industry over 500 starts per year is now common place. This puts high integrity components through multiple strain cycles which they were never designed for.

The stressed components are subjected to low cycle fatigue as well as creep damage. While it is relatively straightforward to inspect creep damage there is no easy way to assess low cycle fatigue. The most effective way of knowing how much life is left in a component is by analysis.

Lock points to the nuclear industry where Frazer-Nash has adapted and developed methodologies over the last ten years to access low cycle fatigue damage to the creep regime.

Lock concludes that it is imperative that operators recognise that multi - starting gas turbines could be resulting in higher damage than asset owners might appreciate.


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