News & Events-Barriers to electric car uptake

Featured in The Engineer online, Frazer Nash's expert on the development of electric cars, Craig Rice, explores the biggest factors that could create a step change in the electric car market.

The article explores the four main factors preventing the successful adoption of plug-in electric vehicles: cost, fear of obsolescence, range anxiety and technology standards, and examines the potential solutions.

As with any new technology the net benefit must be greater than that of the existing technology. The costs and benefits over the entire lifetime of electric vehicles must therefore surpass that of the conventional combustion engine for mass uptake. Current Government subsidies are helping to narrow the gap between the two technologies, reduce costs and help reassure consumers that the technology won't become obsolete.

The range anxiety felt by many would be consumers of electric vehicles could be effectively eliminated by the development of a universal charging network, along with technological advancements in batteries, many developers are setting their sights on a 500 mile range.

Once everything is standardised and easily accessible, it is not too difficult to see the electric station becoming as common as the petrol station. Once we reach that stage, then take-off in the plug-in electric vehicle market will be impressive to watch.

The full article can be read here on The Engineer website