News & Events-Frazer-Nash completes work on Sellafield chimney

As part of the Design Services Alliance, leading engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash has just completed a planning and modelling project on the Windscale Pile 1 Diffuser at Sellafield to enable it to prepare for the next phase of demolition.

The decommissioning challenges posed by the pile chimney are unique. Frazer-Nash used a whole-system approach and applied Operational Research techniques to provide the necessary insight to enable the client to decide between two concepts for demolition, identify the main drivers in the work programme to help the designers agree the most efficient process, and guide the planning of risk mitigation activities.

Standing 110 metres high, Windscale Pile chimney number one was built in the late 1940's for the Windscale reactors. It was in use as part of the UK's nuclear weapons programme but was sealed after a fire inside the core of Windscale reactor number one in 1957.

Frazer-Nash were able to combine their experience in modelling from other industries, such as rail and defence, with their knowledge and understanding of the environment at Sellafield in this planning and modelling project.

Robert Stuchbury, Decommissioning Business Manager at Frazer-Nash, said: "As part of the Design Services Alliance we're really proud to have worked on this project with Sellafield Ltd. We have helped the client provide robust support for the decision on the design concept to be followed, and understand the key drivers for the project timelines."