News & Events-Frazer-Nash helps fuel ITER progress

Frazer-Nash has been awarded a contract to support the Fuelling and Wall Conditioning Team at the ITER project in the South of France. The year long contract will see Frazer-Nash on site at ITER carrying out interface management, structural analysis and design activities in relation to the fuelling and pre-plasma wall cleaning systems known as the Gas Injection System, Pellet Injection System, Glow Discharge Cleaning System and Disruption Mitigation System.

The detailed design of the Systems is being carried out in China and the USA as part of their contribution to the international project.  It is very important that the interfaces, along with many other aspects of the plant are managed carefully to ensure the device will fit together when all the hardware is installed.  To support this, our work will involve reviewing current designs, liaising with other staff at ITER and, as required, carrying out finite element analysis to verify compatibility between systems.

The Systems being worked on will provide three key functions. The Gas Injection System and Pellet Injection System will provide the deuterium and tritium fuel to run the fusion reactor when in full operation. The Glow Discharge Cleaning System will remove impurities from the reactor internal components during shutdown; finally, the Disruption Mitigation System will minimise impact of runaway electron events in the Plasma to prevent damage to reactor internal components during operation.

Charlie Watt, Senior Engineer at Frazer-Nash, who will undertake the majority of the work on the project said: 'It's great to be supporting such a critical part of the ITER project and a privilege to work with international experts. I am really looking forward to making a contribution to the project'.

Dr Philip Rogers, Business Manager for Nuclear Fusion at Frazer-Nash, said: "Following on from previous placements of Frazer-Nash staff at ITER, our business is really starting to gain momentum in the Fusion sector.  We're delighted to have been selected by ITER to deliver this work and it is a testament to our staff and their expertise in this area."

Frazer-Nash has also recently been appointed to a framework contract with the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy to provide Professional Engineering and Technical Services in support of their Fusion related activities.