News & Events-How local authorities can prepare for a crisis

In a feature piece on Local Government Executive's website, Frazer Nash's Security and Resilience business manager, Chris Cullis looks at the crucial role of local authorities in modelling effective responses to a regional crisis.

With extreme weather becoming commonplace across the UK, local authorities are under pressure to respond to disruptive challenges with diminishing resources.

Planning for an extreme event requires multi-agency partnerships, made up of representatives from local public services and regional government departments. Conventional means of preparation can be inherently expensive when compared to modelling decisions to various crisis scenarios.

The article examines the complexities behind multi-agency response and outlines methods to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Cullis states that "simulation and modelling can, over time, help planners and decision makers gain experience and confidence without dropping a real ball in the process. This, in time, makes performance better on the day".


The full article can be read here.