News & Events-Manage, Repair or Replace? An asset integrity webinar for the oil and gas sector

With unit development costs rising and production efficiency falling across mature offshore regions such as the North Sea, there has never been a greater drive to do more with less.

In practice this means running closer to design limits and seeking to extend operational life without compromising safety or exceeding budgets. Improvements in understanding, analytical techniques and computational power are however allowing more robust integrity management decisions to be made, quicker and more affordably than ever before.

This webinar will provide an overview of the factors you need to consider to strike the right balance between ease, cost and risk when assessing options to solve integrity challenges. You'll also learn about the range of analysis tools and approaches available to today's Integrity Engineers to ensure they make the right decisions.

The webinar will be broadcasted live on Thursday 13 November at 2pm on Oil and Gas IQ's website. This should last 20 minutes, ending with a Q and A session with our oil and gas business manager. A recording of the session will remain on website. 

To view the webinar, click here.