News & Events-Modeling the effects of underbelly blast on lower limbs

Frazer-Nash Consultancy is conducting a research study on behalf of Dstl that will support modelling of the effect of underbelly blast impact on service personnel when in armoured vehicles. Detonations occurring under a vehicle can transmit high axial loads causing injuries to the lower leg.

This six month research project will see Frazer-Nash support the development of model specific risk functions using the Hybrid III leg, which simulates human biomechanical response and is currently used by the motor industry in crash testing. Frazer-Nash's work will develop the understanding of methods for assessing lower leg injury risks due to underbelly blast and will support the improvement of methodologies for full scale testing. Ultimately this research will be used to mitigate the risk of low leg injuries to our service personnel when travelling in military vehicles.

Tony Marsh, Defence Land business manager at Frazer-Nash said: "This project is the latest in a series of research projects that Frazer-Nash has undertaken for Dstl and builds on the consultancy's modelling capability and its extensive military expertise. It's a privilege to be supporting Dstl with this research initiative to decrease the risks our service personnel face in theatre."