News & Events-Nuclear regulation will offer international opportunities to UK industry

In an opinion piece in the Nuclear Industry Link, Frazer Nash's nuclear business manager, Philip Rogers talks about the opportunity world leading nuclear regulations will offer UK companies.

The development of new nuclear power stations will require a range of skills and experiences that will draw on expertise and technology from around the world.

Due to the specific nature of the UK's regulatory regime, UK companies with experience of the UK nuclear industry are well placed to support both future licensees and the regulators with little competition from abroad. In time this will help UK companies secure work abroad by operating in one of the most highly respected nuclear regulatory regime.

Furthermore, Rogers points to the mix of reactor technologies that are to be built in the UK. This would give the UK nuclear workforce experience in the three major nuclear reactor technologies, allowing UK businesses to export this expertise internationally to all major nuclear markets.  

Rogers concludes that "the current programme of new nuclear builds is a hugely positive phase for the UK's nuclear industry that can be a stepping stone to the longer term positing of UK industry as an international provider of nuclear services. 


The full article can be found in the spring edition of Industry Link.