News & Events-Resilience: A key element for defence

In a recent feature in Defence Codex magazine, business manager Chris Cullis looks at resilience and the impact it has on defence.

"Resilience is the ability of an enterprise to withstand adverse circumstances and return to business as usual, whether those circumstances have been foreseen or not."
This succinct definition of resilience rings true for all enterprises, however, each organisation faces its own unique set of challenges when developing and implementing a resilience strategy. The UK Defence's capability must be adaptable to changing international relations, economic circumstance, evolving technology and changes in government.
Current issues impacting on defence cover a broad range of topics, including; people, equipment, budgets and the impact these have on fulfilling operational requirements. The recent Strategic Defence Security Review (SDSR10) has reduced the manpower across defence and Chris believes that the changing demands of defence coupled with the remaining workforce leaves it less resilient.

Chris concludes that defence would benefit from a high level view that incorporates greater resilience thinking at the heart of defence solutions.

The full feature can be read in Issue 15 of Codex.