News & Events-Cyber security in modern power systems

Experts from Frazer-Nash's security and resilience team will be exhibiting and speaking at Cyber security in modern day power systems event. The event is being held on the 19 May at The Midland Hotel, Manchester UK .

It will address the risks that cyber threats pose on the security of our power supply and networks and the security measures, actions and protection requirements.

Speakers including Frazer -Nash will outline current threats and types of threats, strategies and actions to defend our grid and ways to pre-empt and tackle future cyber issues.

Chris Cullis, Business Manager and Jamie Darling, Senior Analyst will be speaking at 14:00.

Details below.

Risk Management against Cyber Threats

  • Measuring intangible elements in cyber security systems
  • Management of intangible risks
  • How can senior management make hard decisions with a more scientific yardstick?