News & Events-Frazer-Nash to deliver MARS tanker integration

Engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash is set to deliver the MARS Tanker (Tide-class) weapons integration safety case for the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Frazer-Nash will deliver the new class explosives safety case reports for the vessel's acceptance off contract in South Korea now that Tide-class is in design freeze and the first three ships of the class are in build at DSME. It will also deliver a subsequent safety case in advance of the in service date for TIDESPRING, the first of class, which is due in Autumn 2016.

The work will include the delivery of updated hazard logs, ALARP statements and a Radhaz assessment all of which will enable the MOD to gain Naval Authority Explosives certification. In addition, Frazer-Nash is also running a number of fire battle damage scenarios in a risk matrix of magnitude against probability to examine how various fire scenarios will affect the survivability of the ship.

Rob Leary, Safety Consultant at Frazer-Nash consultancy, said: "We will be drawing on our best practice knowledge of munitions and safety case development to deliver this work and are proud to be part of the team that helps sees the Tide-class go into service."