News & Events-Jan Jarvis takes up vice-chair role at NIFSCC

Frazer-Nash senior consultant, Jan Jarvis, has been appointed to the vice-chair role of the Nuclear Industry Fire Safety Co-ordinating Committee (NIFSCC).

Jan will be working with representatives of the nuclear industry, fire and rescue services, government, and regulators, to share learning and best practice on the strategic fire safety issues facing the sector, and to encourage compliance with fire safety standards.

Jan's specialist background in fire safety and accident investigation in high risk industries, and his experience in advising on fire protection at a wide range of nuclear sites, means that he has a wealth of expertise with which to support the group.

Jan said: "I am delighted to be taking up this role, supporting the NIFSCC as it provides technical advice, information and support to the nuclear industry in the UK. As a forum for the discussion of best practice, the sharing of information and the recommendation of appropriate standards, the NIFSCC can help to reduce fire losses in the industry, and minimise threats to life and property."

The NIFSCC is the UK forum that considers significant fire safety and firefighting issues in the nuclear industry. The forum shares learning and best practice, agrees on industry response to issues, acts as a focal point for fire safety and fire service management within the industry, and advises the Nuclear Industry Safety Directors' Forum on fire safety matters. The forum meets twice a year.

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