News & Events-UAS Challenge 2015 winners

UAS Challenge 2015 winners

Students from The University of Southampton have been crowned overall winners of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge. Whilst, Loughborough University scooped the Frazer-Nash sponsored awards for 'Design' and 'Most Viable Business Proposition.'

The challenge asked 14 teams of undergraduates to design and build an UAS to fly a representative humanitarian mission, identify a drop zone, and then parachute a 1kg aid package.

The UAS Challenge asks teams of undergraduates to undertake a full design and build cycle of a UAS. Specific mission objectives are outlined in early September before competing in a final 'fly-off' and judging in July. This year the final was on 1st and 2nd July 2015.

Dan Anderson a Senior Engineer at Frazer-Nash said -

"The final 'fly-off' was undoubtedly a success. It was great to see students approach this challenge with such enthusiasm, technical ability and practical skills.

At Frazer-Nash we pride ourselves on being able to attract some of the most talented students in the UK so it was a pleasure to be able to engage with future industry professionals."

The final results of the competition saw the University of Southampton crowned as overall grand champions. Winners of the other categories were:

  • Design - Loughborough University (Sponsored by Frazer-Nash)
  • Most Viable Business Proposition - Loughborough University( Sponsored by Frazer-Nash)
  • Safety and Airworthiness - University of Nottingham
  • Autonomous/Automatic Operations - University of Southampton
  • Manufacturing - Liverpool University
  • Flying Operations - University of Southampton
  • Most Promise - Sheffield Hallam University (with a mention for University of Swansea).