News & Events-Drone collision to be discussed at UAS Conference

Frazer-Nash aerospace experts, Dr Graeme Anderson and Andrew Chadwick will be discussing how modelling can help identify the risk of collision between drones and commercial aircraft at a conference in October.

Andrew and Graeme will be presenting on 'The development of modelling tools to understand the risk of collision between unmanned aircraft and commercial airliners' at the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) UAS Conference on 3 October.

The conference is looking at 'UAS in Daily Life', and will provide an update on the latest applications of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including some of the more interesting and challenging uses.

Outlining the subject to be discussed, Andrew said:

"The increasingly widespread use of UAS has raised concerns regarding the potential threat of impact of these 'drones' against aircraft, buildings and people. In particular, there have been an increasing number of reported close encounters between commercial airliners and UAS recently.

"There's currently a lack of understanding regarding the potential consequences of this type of incident, and the extent of the risk of drone impact is not yet understood. In our presentation, we'll be discussing how computer modelling and analysis could improve this understanding, and the tools we've developed to analyse the potential impact that UAS may have if they strike a variety of aircraft."

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