News & Events-Frazer-Nash adds Human Factors expertise to CHARM ATMS

Frazer-Nash has been appointed by Highways England to support the CHARM Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) programme.

Tim Myall, Road and Rail Business Manager explains: 

"As part of our commission, we'll be applying our expertise in safety critical transport and emergency service control rooms, and our behavioural science knowledge to provide Human Factors consultancy, assurance, and analysis to the CHARM ATMS Project.

"With the commission lasting around 20 days, we'll help to optimise effectiveness, reduce human error, maximise productivity, and increase operational safety. We hope that our input will provide significant value to our client's project.

"We were chosen to support Highways England on this important programme for our wide experience and understanding of safety critical control systems across multiple industrial sectors, including rail, aerospace, power generation and defence."

CHARM aims to define a new generation of traffic management systems to improve road safety and traffic throughput, and to reduce the carbon footprint and costs of traffic management. CHARM will modernise and consolidate traffic management on highways in England through the introduction of a new generation of ATMS to support the operational processes of Traffic Management Centres.