News & Events-Frazer–Nash Consultancy supports Storm Shadow

The release of MBDA's Storm Shadow; a conventionally armed, stealth, long-range stand-off precision missile, from a Typhoon Instrumented Production Aircraft* in November 2015, demonstrated a key step towards the integration of the Storm Shadow weapon system with Eurofighter Typhoon's combat capabilities.

Working on behalf of the Ministry of Defence's Air Dominance and Suppression Project Team (part of DE&S), Frazer-Nash Consultancy supported weapon integration activities; as Djay Ahluwalia, Frazer-Nash Senior Engineer, explains:

"Frazer-Nash has provided ongoing management of Storm Shadow's Safety and Environmental case and independent safety advice in support of integration onto the Typhoon.

"As part of our support, and building on our wealth of experience of developing the Storm Shadow Safety and Environmental Case for use on Tornado GR4 platform; we conducted independent technical evaluation in aid of Storm Shadow / Typhoon ground, air and avionics, evidence gathering flight-trials. Given the difference in operating environment between the Tornado GR4 and the Typhoon, our support required an in-depth knowledge and understanding of key aircraft / weapons integration principles.

"We were able to bring together a team of skilled and experienced weapon and air platform integration experts. Our team called upon years of experience and knowledge of Storm Shadow, and the Tornado GR4 and Typhoon platforms. Consequently, the project team received coherent and targeted advice, which supported ongoing safety and environmental management and a successful trials programme."

*The instrumented production aircraft (IPA) are production standard aircraft fitted with telemetry instruments for dedicated flight testing and systems development.