News & Events-Frazer-Nash delivers telemetry systems for EDF Energy reactors

With support from systems and engineering technology company, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, EDF Energy has started the roll-out of a new fleet wide nuclear plant telemetry system.

EDF's Continuous Emergency Monitoring System (CEMS) has been developed to help power station operators deal with a wide scale emergency.

The CEMS enables an operator to use a modular logging and telemetry system without relying on the wider station infrastructure to support it. The reactor monitoring module connects to a secure satellite communications module and supplies data that can be accessed by operators on and around the site, as well as the team at EDF Energy's Central Emergency Support Centre.

The monitoring module can also communicate with a Deployable Communications and Information System (DCIS), part of EDF's mobile command and control capability that can be deployed when required. DCIS can carry spare CEMS monitoring modules should the installed system become damaged.

Charlie Hall, Senior Consultant at Frazer-Nash and CEMS Project Technical Lead, said:

"The challenge has been in providing a resilient system against threats which go beyond the design basis of the plants. In developing CEMS we have had to accept that no matter how resilient CEMS may be it could still become compromised during an event.

"For that reason, we've made CEMS flexible. We've used multiple back-up power supplies and back-up modules that can be deployed to replace damaged equipment. And we've adopted secure satellite communications that can send data to portable display units that operate independently of the station's infrastructure."

In acting as the lead engineers on the CEMS project, Frazer-Nash has supported EDF Energy by leading a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and specialists from different external suppliers and departments within EDF Energy.

The engineering firm has supported EDF Energy with requirements capture and management, concept design development, technical specifications, supplier selection, design substantiation, safety case planning and production, regulatory compliance, verification of third party deliverables, as well as the planning of and support to the subsequent testing and commissioning of CEMS.

EDF Energy has started the roll-out of the CEMS project at Hinkley Point B, one of the provider's eight UK nuclear sites.