News & Events-Risks of multi-starts revealed at IDGTE Technology Seminar

Experts from Frazer-Nash will be presenting at the Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers (IDGTE) Technology Seminar and 69th Annual Luncheon in London on 21 April.

Senior Business Manager Gary Lock, and Group Leader Dr Jonathan Douglas, will be discussing the influence of multiple starts on asset life.

Outlining the presentation's aim, Gary Lock said: "We're looking forward to attending the IDGTE Seminar and Luncheon and raising awareness of the risks and cost implications to the diesel and gas turbine industry that can result from the start/stop cycle.

"The current assumptions of 'equivalent operating hours' used by industry are at best optimistic, and at worst could be dangerous."

The 2016 IDGTE event, to be held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London, will feature a morning seminar session on 'Driving Efficiency in the Power Industry - the contribution of Ancillary Equipment Manufacturers and Service Providers'. This will be followed by a luncheon and guest speakers, Wayne Jones OBE and Rebecca Stephens MBE.

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