News & Events-SAROSS 2016 to include three Frazer-Nash presentations

Three of Frazer-Nash's experts will be sharing their knowledge at the SAROSS 2016 conference, taking place from 15 to 17 August in Glasgow.

SAROSS - the 2nd International Conference on the Safety and Reliability of Ships, Offshore and Subsea Structures - is bringing together researchers and practitioners to address the safety and reliability issues that apply to different stages in the analysis, design, construction and in-service life of marine structures.

The presentations are:

  • Predictive Risk Modelling in Maritime Environments (PRIME): Developing a structural assessment model, Clement O'Rourke, Senior Engineer - 15 August, 10:00
  • Case Study of SS Richard Montgomery, David Wyse, Consultant - 15 August, 17:10
  • The monitoring and probabilistic modelling of corrosion under insulation using electrochemical sensors, Ben Daymond, Consultant - 16 August, 15:30.

With expertise and experience across the full project life cycle in the marine and submarine, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors, Frazer-Nash is perfectly placed to disseminate best practice from one area to benefit another. Find out more about Frazer-Nash's capabilities across these industries at markets.

Further details on the conference can be found here