News & Events-Supporting the delivery of air safety: Frazer-Nash providing safety audit services to MOD projects

Frazer-Nash Consultancy is helping to support the delivery of air safety through the provision of independent safety audit services to Ministry of Defence (MOD) projects.

Air safety specialists from the engineering technology company have been providing support to the MARSHALL Delivery Team, and the A400M Project Team of the MOD's Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation.

Project MARSHALL is updating and sustaining Air Traffic Management (ATM) capability at MOD-owned airfields, air bases and associated sites in the UK, at overseas permanent joint operating bases and for deployed operations. Frazer-Nash is delivering independent safety and environmental auditing services on behalf of the MOD, reviewing the Delivery Team's processes and procedures, and providing an incremental independent review of the key safety documents as the project evolves.

Project MARSHALL involves a technology upgrade and encompasses the delivery, operation and support of the communications, navigation and surveillance systems which enable military ATM. The work Frazer-Nash is undertaking will help the MARSHALL Delivery Team to maintain their duty of care responsibilities, and to meet the stringent regulatory requirements.

Frazer-Nash is also appointed the Independent Safety Auditor for the Airbus A400M Atlas, the RAF's latest transport aircraft. The four-engine turboprop is designed and built specifically to meet military requirements and the A400M incorporates modern technology and complex systems to support the aircraft's strategic and tactical capabilities.

The A400M Project Team operates a safety management system to assure the safety and airworthiness of the A400M and it is the responsibility of the Independent Safety Auditor to evaluate its implementation and to highlight any disparity with regulations, policy and best practice. 

The A400M Type Airworthiness Authority at DE&S, James Evans, said:

"The safety and airworthiness of the A400M are principal obligations of the DE&S A400M Project Team and I value greatly the specialist contribution of Frazer-Nash safety consultants in assuring compliance with MOD regulations."

With suitably qualified and experienced people (SQEP) in the relevant skills required of independent auditing and an intimate knowledge of MAA regulations, Frazer-Nash continues to provide a long-term commitment to the MARSHALL and A400M teams.