News & Events-Energy storage expertise from Frazer-Nash at World Renewable Energy Congress

Frazer-Nash Consultant, Anthony Kwong, will be presenting at the World Renewable Energy Congress XVI in Australia on 7 February.

Anthony's paper, 'Banking on Energy Storage: Analytical verification of the performance of large thermocline tanks', uses a real-life example to illustrate the approach and to validate the method.

Anthony says:

"Thermocline tank performance relies on its ability to isolate the hot and cold fluids and can be threatened by temperature mixing effects, such as conduction and turbulence.

"The tanks are a commercially attractive heat storage option, but are high capital cost items, presenting a source of risk to debt financers - particularly when being considered for longer-term, seasonal heat storage requirements.

"My presentation will outline a computationally efficient method to quantify tank performance, by incorporating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis into a simple energy transport model. It was used during the design stage to provide confidence for the proposed tank design, and useful operational insights were also deduced. The model was then validated against measurement data during commissioning with good agreement."

The World Renewable Energy Congress is taking place from 5 to 9 February at Murdoch University, Western Australia. A forum for networking between suppliers, consumers, governments, industry, academia, and financial institutions the conference theme is 'Transition towards 100% renewable energy'. Topics under discussion will include energy storage, biofuels and energy from waste, climatic and environmental issues, and the economics of renewable energy.

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