News & Events-Frazer-Nash Consultancy: Tackling corrosion in the process industry

Frazer-Nash is helping to tackle corrosion in the process industry

The global cost of corrosion is an estimated US$2.5 trillion and, while the process industry is just one of the many sectors affected, we know that the degradation of metal assets can result in costly operational downtime, threats to safety, and issues with regulatory compliance for businesses.

But there are ways to reduce the impact of corrosion on your organisation. By developing an understanding of your assets' corrosion risk, and then managing this risk, you can significantly reduce your through-life costs. Understanding how susceptible your assets are to corrosion damage can inform early investment decisions about repair and replacement, and can allow you to proactively schedule maintenance and shutdowns at the best time for the business.

At Frazer-Nash, we combine technical expertise and a profound understanding of corrosion behaviour with commercial awareness of real-world engineering. We can help your company to:

  • Identify the root causes of corrosion-related failures, through forensic assessment
  • Recognise the key corrosion mechanisms to which your assets are subject, and help you to understand how this might affect your operations in the future
  • Select materials that allow your components to operate in challenging environments and extend their life
  • Plan corrosion test programmes that aim to replicate your specific environments and issues
  • Use mitigation strategies to protect your assets - including changes to materials or operating systems, or the application of protective coating systems or schemes
  • Assess the performance of your existing protection, for example the integrity of current coatings or cathodic protection systems
  • Understand and quantify the damage caused by corrosion and metal loss, through detailed fitness-for-service assessments
  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements, such as compliance with PSSR
  • Manage plant end-of-life and decommissioning needs.

We offer a wide range of approaches, to fulfil your organisation's specific corrosion management requirements - from modelling and analysis, to the development of alloys and protective coating systems, to full management of complex materials' testing programmes. And to help you target your investment where it is most needed, our experts can help quantify your risk, prioritise actions and provide cost-benefit assessments of different solutions.

Corrosion costs - but by managing your risk you can prevent expensive shut-downs, have confidence in your continued safe operations, and ensure that you comply with regulatory standards.

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