News & Events-Frazer-Nash supporting The Engineer’s 2017 Collaborate to Innovate (C2i) awards

Frazer-Nash is once again supporting The Engineer's Collaborate to Innovate (C2i) - awards, celebrating engineers working together to advance technology and manufacturing.

Engineering Director, Chris Guyott, will be one of the eight judges for the awards, drawn from across academia and industry.

Chris said:

"Collaborating with our clients and partners is key to the way we do business. That's why we're enthusiastically supporting the Collaborate to Innovate awards again this year, celebrating the most effective collaborative partnerships which are driving innovation across a range of sectors.

"Sharing and exchanging ideas provides a fresh perspective, and can deliver novel solutions to challenges that may seem insurmountable at first glance. Our engineers, like those across the industry, solve complex problems every day by applying a collaborative approach that looks at a whole system, not just the initial issue.

"I'm very much looking forward to being part of an event that will demonstrate the critical work that engineers do, and will showcase some of the many projects where working together is inspiring innovation and delivering excellence."

About C2i

The C2i awards celebrate the best in UK collaborations and innovations in engineering. The award's broad category themes are: Transportation; Information, Data and Connectivity; Health and Well-being; Energy; Efficiency and Sustainability; the Built Environment; and Safety and Security.

For 2017, two additional award categories have been introduced: Academic Innovator, for a university department that demonstrates excellence in innovation and collaboration across multiple projects; and Young Innovator, which will spotlight collaboration between businesses and schools.

The competition is open to any collaborative group: from major manufacturers collaborating with other large businesses, to small academic research groups working with start-up entrepreneurs. Entries must be genuinely innovative, representing a new technology or a new application of technology; and must be a true collaboration between two or more teams from different organisations. They must have an expected or demonstrable impact in their application area.

The closing date for entries is 26 May. Winners will be announced at an informal party in the city of London on 5 September, and the winners will present their entries at a one-day conference including keynote presentations in December at the Lloyds Bank Manufacturing Technology Training Centre in Coventry.

For more information on C2i, please click here.