News & Events-Institute of Asset Management Endorsed Assessor success for Frazer-Nash

Frazer-Nash has recently been awarded Endorsed Assessor (EA) status by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Frazer-Nash Asset Management expert, Alexandra Knight, describes how this achievement will help Frazer-Nash support clients in getting maximum value from their assets:

"Having EA status enables us to formally review our client's asset management approach, aligned to the industry standard ISO 55001, and to recommend steps that they can take towards achieving certification.

"The ISO-55000 guidance and certification helps companies realise the maximum value of their physical assets. Our expert team can undertake gap analyses that show where an organisation currently conforms with the requirements of ISO-55001, and where there are issues they need to address to help unlock more value.

"The Endorsed Assessor scheme was set up by the IAM to assist organisations seeking help with their asset management to find and access suitable and reputable providers. It provides assurance that the assessors undertaking gap analyses for businesses have the same competence in asset management and auditing as those involved in certification assessments."

More information about Frazer-Nash's asset management approach, and how it can help organisations to identify costs and savings, manage risk, and optimise asset performance can be found here.

The IAM is the professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets - especially critical infrastructure. Visit its website at

Frazer-Nash's entry on the IAM website can be found here.