News & Events-Ryan Meeks to speak at Insider Threat Summit 2017

Frazer-Nash Human Factors Consultant, Ryan Meeks, will be speaking at the Insider Threat Summit 2017, taking place on 29 and 30 March in Monterey, California.

Insider Threat expert Ryan will be presenting on 'Inside the Cuckoo's Nest', which explores the psychological and behavioural influences that underpin malicious insider threat actions.

Ryan's interest in insider threat developed from his involvement in UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) research programmes, investigating the 'Green-on-Blue' issue in Afghanistan, but has now expanded into offering clients throughout defence and the banking and financial services industry insider threat analysis and management services. Through the application of Human Factors and psychological expertise and a range of innovative analysis methods, this work helps to redefine how organisations identify, define and understand insider threat risk both in the cyber and physical context.

The Insider Threat Summit aims to better understand security challenges, in order to better defend against insider threats. Delegates will be discussing personnel security issues including: cyber security challenges and capabilities, continuous evaluation of privileged identities, and ethical physical security considerations.

For further information, visit the event website.