Operational performance analysis

Our cutting-edge analysis tools and processes help you understand your wind farm's behaviour and operational performance.

Understanding the performance of operational wind farms is challenging because turbine behaviour is complicated, there is uncertainty in the wind resource and also because small changes in expected yield correspond to large changes in revenue. Our services can be extremely valuable in helping to support:

  • Targeted operation and maintenance activities to reduce downtime
  • Justifying retrofit add-ons/control upgrades, and judging their efficacy
  • Quantifying the performance of prototypes
  • Challenging/justifying the assumptions made in business cases
  • Due diligence for the sale or purchase of wind farms
  • Route cause analysis of fault.

Using our deep technical understanding of how real wind turbines are designed and perform, combined with our cutting-edge analysis tools and processes, we help our clients cut through these challenges. We pride ourselves on targeted, data-driven insight delivered quickly and efficiently.

Our skills include:

  • Interpreting turbine behaviour including aspects specific to floating turbines
  • LiDAR, floating LiDAR, met mast and turbine data processing for the appraisal of resource
  • Using physics based approaches coupled with statistical analysis to interrogate operational data and quantify key effects, loss factors and relationships
  • Comparing operational performance to business cases, assumptions, and/or expected performance from simulation
  • Designing analysis plans for prototypes helping our clients derive most value from investments in new technologies.

These issues are even more complex in the case of floating offshore wind farms, where significant interaction between the foundation motions and turbine behaviour can make fault hard to isolate. We have over a decade's experience of floating wind, dating back to the original WindFloat 1 prototype and five subsequent commercial projects supporting MHI Vestas Offshore Wind with the pre-engineering activities (development of design basis, load simulation, controller design, and certification). For two of these, we have also supported with performance analysis through commissioning and initial operation. This real world, cutting-edge, design and operational experience enables us to quickly add value to our clients' floating wind projects. In such a fast evolving space, an appreciation of what has gone before is critical to achieving project success.

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