Carl Waring

Service Development Lead – Circular Economy

Developing and deploying how complex engineering management systems and assets enable values greater than the sum of their parts.

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I have been involved with understanding the behaviour of complex systems for more years than I care to remember.

I have a strong problem structuring/solving background in complex multi-actor, stakeholder engineering environments. This helps when trying to develop business strategies, how engineering systems create value beyond profit, figuring out whether systems are going to be viable, understanding where risks, blockers, enablers and opportunities are in and around business systems, and understanding why existing complex business systems fail.

This capability sits well with the discipline of Asset Management and with investors in infrastructure where organisations are managing and operating complexities around the built environment. This also includes defining non-priced value creation. In addition, the same capability is very effective when applied across other themes such as the exploitation of Artificial Intelligence, the exploitation of data and other complex themes that rely upon Systems Theory to create value greater than the sum of its parts like the Circular Economy.

I provide thought leadership on the circular economy around Asset Management and Engineering, I work across sectors providing advice around business strategy, governance, policy, regulation, and assurance. A proportion of my work focusses on advanced research and engaging with academic institutions driving technology readiness.

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