David McNaught

Group Leader - Technology Management

An engineering systems thinker, working at the interface of organisations and their technology; blending technical knowledge and people skills to help clients with complex and messy problems.

My biography

I lead Frazer-Nash’s Technology Management group in Glasgow, which is a centre of excellence for applying systems engineering tools and techniques to unconventional scenarios and problems.

I am driven to develop Frazer-Nash’s systems engineering services so that they evolve to meet our clients’ needs, whilst delivering value and maintaining safety. In particular, I have led the development of whole systems approaches for the energy industry, considering the interaction of technology, policy, and market factors.

I apply my systems expertise in a number of different sectors: through asset management, technology futures and engineering management consultancy projects. In each of these domains, applying a systems approach allows my clients to be better informed, to integrate diverse views and ultimately make better decisions.

I am also a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor, teaching Applied Systems Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

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