Don MacInnes

Principal Consultant

I specialise in risk and safety management for high hazard/high capital value engineering facilities, including nuclear reactors, nuclear production and test facilities, and oil refineries.

My biography

I’m usually involved in considering circumstances of the type that have a severe consequence but are very unlikely to occur. The outcome of my work is almost always a consideration of, and justification of, safe operation of a relevant facility.

My expertise is a 50/50 combination of detailed technical analysis and advocacy. Because of the unlikely nature of the circumstances I consider, analysis is never rigorous. There are few universally established methods available and there is little input data, so advocacy is required to persuade and gain agreement from relevant stakeholders (owners, regulators, workers, general public) that facility operation is safe.

I’ve been involved in projects all across the UK, from Thurso to Plymouth, and also in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In Africa I was involved in the development of the new nuclear reactor, the pebble bed system, and also in risk analysis at the Sasol works, where petrol and refined chemicals are manufactured from coal.

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