Keir Gravil

Commercial Marine Business Manager

Focussing on ship design, commercial ship operations, and maritime infrastructure.

LinkedIn Profile

I’m Keir Gravil, a naval architect and Commercial Marine Business Manager for Frazer-Nash Consultancy. An all-round ship geek, I manage the commercial marine sector ranging from supporting the development of maritime infrastructure, to providing critical support to ship owners and operators, with much more in between. I am passionate about ships and the sea, having served in the Merchant Navy and having a family history of various maritime exploits, and I am proud to continue that tradition with Frazer-­Nash.

My role within the business is to grow our burgeoning commercial marine sector, showcasing our talents and expertise to markets outside of our well-established naval defence markets. Using my experience in both naval and commercial maritime markets, my day-to-day work involves talking to clients across the maritime sector about our abilities to solve complex technical problems and work to develop new and exciting technologies for the decarbonisation of the sector.

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