Mike Anderson

Principal Consultant – Structural Integrity

I have expertise in structural integrity, failure investigations, pressure vessels and pipework, independent technical reviews, Expert Witness services and asset integrity management/life extensions.

My biography

I am a highly experienced structural integrity and asset management engineer with a wide variety of expertise in many different industries and on many different types of components and systems.

With over 30 years’ experience with Frazer-Nash, the varied range of interesting and challenging projects has kept me engaged and interested. I love solving problems.

One of my great strengths is being able to see things from my client’s point of view, quickly get to the root of a problem and formulate the best solution.

My expertise can be easily and efficiently applied to solve many different structural integrity problems – saving our clients’ money on new or ageing plant.

My main area of expertise is the design and analysis of high-integrity plant, especially pressure vessels and pipework and other mechanical structures, for example cranes. I have a considerable experience in the offshore, naval, railway and civil nuclear power industries – particularly in the fields of design code assessments, finite element modelling, fatigue, fracture mechanics, creep, impact / missiles, blast and structural integrity safety cases. My work has included the independent generic design assessment of several new civil nuclear reactor designs.

For many years, I have provided Expert Witness services to a number of clients, helping them resolve legal disputes related to structural integrity failure investigations and insurance matters. Some of these cases have involved settlements running into millions of pounds and proved to be very challenging and interesting. Similar services I offer include independent technical assessments, peer reviews and due diligence.

One of my most important projects involves non-destructive testing (NDT) of submarine propeller shafts. My role is to oversee the NDT inspections on-site, evaluate the results from the inspections and provide advice to the client on the safety and remnant life of the shaft for return to service.

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