Mike Hatfield

Principal Consultant

With over 40 years' experience in the nuclear industry. I specialise in reactor design, reactor operations, nuclear safety and licensing.

My biography

I began my career in the nuclear industry in 1980 as nuclear physicist designing and testing reactors for submarines. In the early 1990s I moved across to the civil nuclear industry in a design authority role, and was responsible for undertaking the first periodic safety reviews for the UK’s gas-cooled reactors.

I’ve been working in the fields of nuclear safety, licensing and regulation up to the present day, having joined Frazer-Nash in 2006.

As well as continuing to support the UK’s ageing fleet of reactors, Frazer-Nash has given me the opportunity to become involved in new nuclear build. I’ve provided safety case support and advice to overseas organisations seeking positive outcomes for their reactor designs in the UK generic design assessment process.

I’ve been the technical lead for UK government sponsored research into advanced safety case methodologies, and I’ve undertaken research work for the UK nuclear regulator.

Current nuclear safety opportunities include small and advanced modular reactors including fusion.  I’m pleased to be actively supporting these areas too.

After 40 years in the nuclear industry I’ve certainly gained a lot of experience - and much of my time now is devoted to mentoring and coaching the next generation of nuclear safety engineers.  The next 40 years have the prospect of being equally exciting.

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