Pete Lucas

Group Leader

Supportability Group Leader with a passion in Product Integrated Logistic Support.

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Welcome to my profile, I am a highly experienced Supportability Engineering Programme Manager within the Defence Sector. I have been involved in the management of many Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) programmes across all defence domains and am motivated by through life product support.

My previous military background allows me to use an empathetic approach to understand a client's perspective to their problems, and to be able to work with them to develop the most suitable and cost-effective technical solutions.

My main area of expertise is working with clients to determine and tailor their ILS requirements and formulate a strategy to fully support a product throughout its intended service life.

Additionally I will work with clients to understand their product's failure modes which determine their maintenance critical and significant items. I can then tailor a package of work that will provide them with a suitable support solution which will include Maintenance Schedules, Technical Documentation, Training and appropriate skill sets, Support and Test Equipment, and a ranged and scaled spares set.

I have recently completed the ILS programme management of an Air Domain project where I was embedded in a client's team in Defence Equipment & Support and was the technical lead on a Naval Submarine project conducting maintenance task analysis on both platform and combat systems to assist in understanding the potential impact on commission extensions.

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