Steve Brown

Senior Supportability Consultant

Experienced Supportability engineering professional, with a specialist practical approach to Obsolescence Management. Steve supports several clients across various industries and sectors.

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Working within our Supportability Group based in Bristol, I am a Senior Supportability Engineering Consultant with strong skills in Project Management, Through Life Support and Integrated Logistic Support.

My skills in Project Management, coupled with a practical knowledge of Supportability are invaluable to our clients. I apply these core skills to various industries including Defence, Transport and Energy.

I am the Frazer-Nash lead for Obsolescence Management and underpin my knowledge with a practical application of BS EN IEC 62402:2019 - OM Guidance. I deliver real-time Obsolescence Risk Assessment, from an obsolescence issue being raised through to its final mitigation.  Through taking a standardised approach, I have been able to support my clients to see substantial time, cost and performance savings and improvements to their systems.

Being able to capture a support concept evolution to meet the customers’ requirements is unbelievably important. I have applied various evidence capture techniques to enable our clients to document and analyse the benefits of their chosen support solution, in support of the acceptance of their Equipment or Service.

Should you wish to know more about how I or our team can support you, please get in touch below.

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