Case study

A study exploring the challenges of using hydrogen for domestic appliances

We explored the engineering challenges of running existing domestic gas appliances on 100% hydrogen.


The study explored the engineering challenges, at a component level, of running existing domestic natural gas appliances, such as boilers, cookers and fires, on 100% hydrogen.

Our work

We looked at how domestic natural gas appliances operate and considered the key components that would need to be re-designed for hydrogen, contrasting the changes that are required for safety, performance and aesthetic purposes.

Our study also examined and compared the various ways in which hydrogen appliances could be rolled-out on a large scale – by adapting existing natural gas appliances to run on hydrogen, and by developing new appliances specifically designed for hydrogen including dual-fuel options that could switch between the gas types.



This study showed that the development of hydrogen appliances is feasible but will require some targeted research and development – notably on the appliance burners and safety devices, where the differences in gas types dictate the viability of alternative technical solutions.

Schematic of a modern gas hob

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