P is for… professional development

Senior Consultant, Chris Mallinson discusses the importance of professional development.

Senior Consultant, Chris Mallinson discusses the importance of professional development.

Experts in a specific field are extremely effective, but it is also critical to ensure that your people are aware of broader issues, and of the wider challenges that may affect your clients. And it’s equally important to share this expertise and understanding, developing the skills and knowledge of the next generation of experts.

The Asset Integrity team at Frazer-Nash consists of an interesting bunch of characters… who also happen to be experts in a wide range of fields, enabling us to solve complex problems affecting a range of diverse industries. Whilst some of our team members are recruited directly for their expertise in a specific topic, others are ‘grown’ organically in-house through dedicated training or continuous on-the job learning.

We actively encourage and support our staff to expand their understanding, by completing  training that is outside their degree area of specialism, helping them to develop both personally and professionally. One of the ways we seek to develop our staff is through supporting them to gain Chartered status of one of the engineering and science institutes. Our team are members of many different societies, including:

  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers,
  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology,
  • The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining,
  • The Institute of Physics, and
  • The Royal Society of Chemistry,

...to name just a few.

Just within Asset Integrity at Frazer-Nash, we have a sizeable pool of Chartered Engineers, Physicists, Scientists and Chemists, and even a few Fellows! And each of them recognises the importance of sharing their learning with the next generation – every member of the team is happy to nurture the development of more junior members, and to provide them with guidance and mentorship in achieving their own professional and chartership goals.

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