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Feasibility assessment for novel access vessel technology

Our study identified that a launch and recovery system (LARS) concept was feasible and provided a technology roadmap to commercialisation.

Feasibility assessment for novel access vessel technology

Divex was working with the Carbon Trust under the Offshore Wind Accelerator programme, developing a novel launch and recovery system (LARS) for crew transfer vessels, to address the access challenges around offshore wind turbines.

Following preliminary studies, further work was needed to assess the background laboratory tank test, develop the LARS design concept (including functional specification, control system strategy and modelling, structural design, and system energy requirements), lead a safety risk analysis programme, and conduct a feasibility study for commercial implementation of LARS.


Our work

Comprehensive concept design and feasibility assessment studies were delivered by a multidisciplinary team with considerable experience of requirements capture, offshore engineering, marine architecture, renewables, control systems, and structural design and analysis. 

Our safety-led design approach included hazard identification (HAZID) utilising two methods: hazard and operability study (HAZOP) and a structured what if technique (SWIFT). We implemented our work in accordance with relevant standards, with an approach that met the requirements in the most efficient manner possible by combining the HAZID and HAZOP into a single process and summary document.



By working closely with our design engineers, our safety engineers ensured the LARS’ operations, parameters and characteristics were accurately reflected and addressed within our approach. This meant that the interrelationships between safety analysis and concept development were understood, and made sure that emerging issues were discussed and addressed appropriately.

Our study overall identified that the concept was indeed feasible and provided a technology roadmap to commercialisation.

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