Case study

Typhoon ASTA Flight Simulation Business case assurance

We offer technical support to the Main Gate Business Case programme decision between two solutions.

The challenge 

The Flight Simulation and Synthetic Trainers (FsAST) Integrated Project Team (IPT) required expert technical support to enable the approval of the Main Gate Business Case, to place a multinational contract for the Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids (ASTA) programme. Frazer-Nash worked in partnership with the IPT to provide this technical assurance within a six week timescale, so that the MoD were able to award the high profile contract on time.


Our solution

After conducting a detailed scoping study to define the framework of assurance work required, we focused our efforts on five high priority areas:

  • Completing the ASTA Support Solutions Envelope self assessment: this involved collating the IPT’s support arrangements for ASTA and briefing the Key Support Area Desk Officers (the SSE Assurers) about the project.
  • Developing a safety case for ASTA: this entailed building a safety argument structure based on existing evidence available to the IPT from Eurofighter.
  • Reviewing the existing Master Data and Assumptions List (MDAL), and working with the technical team to revalidate and update the content.
  • Evaluating the technical maturity of the procurement options to determine what was feasible, and what the level of risk was, within the tight cost and time constraints, and assessing the integration of candidate solutions with the Key User Requirements.
  • Revalidating the Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA) Plan, bringing it in line with the overall Procurement Strategy.



We managed to successfully deliver the multi-disciplinary support tasks within the limited timescales and received excellent feedback on the work from DGS&E assurer and the IPT. In addition, we also:

  • Identified a potential negative training safety risk in the ‘immersion’ and coherency issues of the simulator. Recommendations were made that did not require expensive extra tests or modifications.
  • Maintained stakeholder interaction throughout the task, resulting in successful assurance from DGS&E assessor that the project was robust enough to proceed and award the contract.
  • Produced a suite of documentation in support of obtaining this assurance.


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