Case study

Modelling internal foundation corrosion

We undertook a review of the internal corrosion issues a major windfarm operator was experiencing on some of its monopiles.


Corrosion is major challenge for the structural integrity of offshore assets. Working for a major windfarm operator, we undertook a review of the internal corrosion issues it was experiencing on some of the monopiles for an offshore wind farm.


Our work

We reviewed retrofit options for corrosion protection at our client's offshore wind farm. Our support included reviewing previous studies and measurements related to internal cathodic protection usage, including leakage rates, pH, gas generation and microbiologically influenced corrosion.

Having determined the relevant mechanisms in the different monopiles, we were able to review the proposed retrofit options under consideration, and any potential risks for each option. One such option was the development of a ventilation system for hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide from the internal air space below the airtight deck.



Our work was key in enabling our client to make an informed decision on how to deal with internal corrosion issues most effectively, given a range of potential solutions. A key aspect of this support was our ability to engage with our structural engineering team to provide further advice on the primary concern of remaining structural integrity.


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