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Safeguarding tool

A digital evidence-based solution is being implemented to help frontline engineers provide a community service and safeguard vulnerable customers.

Interruptions to customer gas supplies are often unavoidable and can sometimes be life-threatening. During these interruptions, first-call operatives need to provide temporary welfare products to customers such as alternative water and heating solutions and safety services relating to carbon monoxide (CO), such as the provision of CO alarms and an education about the risks of domestic CO poisoning. The products and services provided to each consumer should be those that are best suited to their needs and should consider any vulnerabilities that the consumer may have.

One of the largest natural gas distribution networks in the UK are seeking to transform its current safeguarding process, which relies on manual interventions, and to provide its front-line engineers with an informed, evidence-based digital solution. To answer this call, Frazer-Nash has developed a prototype interactive software tool that will support on-call engineers, helping them to provide a valuable community service by safeguarding vulnerable customers.

The tool uses integrated data and modelling to produce a bespoke informed list of recommended safeguarding products and services for customers whose gas supply is disrupted. With an intuitive and easy to use interface, the operatives can swiftly navigate the app, view and update the consumer’s information, and understand why each recommendation is being made to address an individual consumer’s specific needs and vulnerabilities.

The first phase of development has been completed and the solution has been highly praised by the client: both by its business innovation teams, and by the first-call operatives in the field. The tool is now being rolled out, so it is available for use on a wide scale by up to 2,000 engineers simultaneously, and future phases of development are being discussed.

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