Case study

Smart cities capability

Our role

Frazer-Nash has been working with the Energy Saving Trust and University College London's Energy Institute to provide data, costings and verification to support the development of the SiCEDS tool.

Funded by Innovate UK, SiCEDS is a tool being created to stimulate the development of effective sustainable energy systems in cities. The simulator will allow stakeholders to see their city's energy scenarios, and highlight the potential for energy interventions. It aims to increase collaboration, provide consistency of information, and improve understanding of social, economic and environmental impacts.

Frazer-Nash has been involved in delivering:

  • Universal data for electrical network components
  • Consumer smart meter costs
  • Electrical and gas transmission and distribution lines
    • Capital costs
    • Operation and maintenance costs
    • Over and underground cost variations
    • Capacities and losses
    • Transformer costs, capacities and efficiencies
    • Storage system costs, capacities and efficiencies
      • Batteries
      • Supercapacitors
      • Flywheels
      • Independent verification of SiCEDS electrical network algorithms
        • Peak loads
        • Net energy demands
        • Reactive loading


The benefits

SiCEDS will demonstrate different scenarios, allowing the rapid evaluation and comparison of a variety of options, using common indicators covering health, fuel poverty, air quality, cost and energy impacts. It will provide information that informs decision-making and policy generation.

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