Case study

Wake loss assessment and layout optimisation

Our work helped provide valuable data to feed into our client's wider investigations.


Our client was looking to evaluate the effect of wake loss across a portfolio of offshore wind farms, to quantify the amount of energy lost during grid curtailment. Frazer-Nash was approached as we have developed a significant amount of in-house capability based around our extensive work in wake modelling with the Carbon Trust and commercial customers.

Our work

We completed a wake loss assessment for our client using the N.O Jensen Park wake model, which is an industry standard. In a very short period of time, we were able to assimilate manufacturer’s data, highlight the relevant metrics (e.g., power curve, thrust curve) required for the calculation, and run the model to show the waked power curves as a function of the free-stream velocity for the site.



This work highlighted our ability to work dynamically with our client to help provide valuable data to feed into its wider investigations. This was a low-cost solution that highlighted specific areas in the wind farm where the wake loss would be highest, enabling the developer to understand potential areas for layout optimisation.

Work with Frazer-Nash

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