Due diligence

Our rapid, properly constructed, and defensible due diligence work assesses equipment and infrastructure to evaluate its feasibility for your investment.

Investors, especially those providing non-recourse funding, often rely on independent technical assessments to inform investment decisions. Frazer-Nash has both the engineering and commercial expertise necessary to carry out rapid, properly constructed, and defensible due diligence work. Our engineering experts will assess equipment and infrastructure for clients to evaluate its investment feasibility.

Technical due diligence

We complete comprehensive technical feasibility assessments of engineering projects providing independent verification of their viability. Linking our deep technical expertise to our due diligence experience we are in a unique position to clarify and de-risk investments in complex and immature technology. We provide analysis to assess the real value, potential value and risks in projects and businesses, and make recommendations to inform future development. The breadth and depth of our expertise is highly valued by banks and other financial institutions.