Geospatial systems and intelligence

Frazer-Nash's geospatial services provide full lifecycle support to geospatial projects, helping you design and implement geocentric and geo-enabled solutions.

Data about location, or ‘geospatial’ data, is the record of what we do, and where we do it. It underpins a modern digital society…

The UKs Geospatial Strategy, 2020-2025.


Our consultants have extensive experience designing interoperable geospatial solutions in complex environments, including multiple projects in the UK regulated and government sectors. We are technology agnostic, offering experience of wide range of GIS technologies incorporating commercial and open source products and platforms, with expertise in standard software tools including ESRI, QGIS, FME and PostGIS.

We have in-depth understanding of international standards covering geospatial information and metadata - including ISO19115, ISO19139 and ISO19157 - as well as the UK GEMINI 2 metadata standard. Frazer-Nash is a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and have expertise in their suite of web service standards for delivery of maps, imagery, feature data and terrain/coverage data over the web, and participate in the development of these open geospatial standards.  We are also experienced in standards-based management of metadata and catalogue data for geospatial information.


Our team of geospatial and GIS experts offer expertise in the following areas*:


Geospatial Analysis

  • Bespoke analytics
  • Mathematical and numerical modelling and algorithm design.
  • 2D, 3D and 4D data visualisation.
  • Automated data analysis workflows
  • Machine learning, linked Data and semantic text analysis
  • Advice and guidance on implementation of large-scale ETL (Extract Transform Load) workflow deployment.


Geospatial Data Management

  • Geospatial information modelling and data modelling
  • Advice on open data architectures, licensing, and geospatial standards
  • Geospatial metadata management, including catalogues and registry technologies and standards.
  • Large-scale spatial data infrastructure architecture and development
  • Data wrangling: cleansing, enriching, unifying, transforming and validating data
  • Semantic web and machine learning services for geospatial data
  • Information assurance for secure geospatial systems


Geospatial Systems

  • Business analysis for requirements capture and management
  • Standards-based GIS architecture and modelling (e.g. TOGAF, ArchiMate)
  • Large-scale geospatial data processing pipelines, and data migration
  • Technology selection, roadmapping and review
  • Advice on Open Systems Architectures and geospatial standards
  • Security architecture and information assurance for secure geospatial systems

*These services are available to public sector customers via G Cloud 13.

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