Embedded software engineering

From concept to delivery, let our experts help you navigate the path to safe and secure embedded software systems.

The future is digital, and we’re ready for it. Let us help you prepare as well.

We have the experience to define and implement suitable software development processes based on the application and any applicable standards. This ensures that the correct level of rigour is applied utilising the most cost effective approaches.

Our experts boast extensive experience in the specification, design, implementation and verification of embedded software.

Our embedded software experts understand mission/safety critical systems and the importance of having a clearly defined, testable and assure-able solution for use in high integrity environments.

Craig Hattersley, Group Leader

Explore our embedded software engineering expertise:

Infrastructure is becoming increasingly digital. Critical systems rely on software now more than ever before.

Our embedded software engineers can help you keep up with the curve. Experts in the field, we have the experience to assist at any stage of an embedded software project, from concept design to code implementation and safety assessment.

Our capabilities

  • System modelling
  • Concept design and feasibility studies
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Embedded system/software development
  • Tool qualification and justification
  • Safety assessments.

As reliance of software and embedded systems continues to grow, the need for reliability in software is increasingly important.

Our engineers help can help make verification and validation processes faster, and more reliable - saving you money and ensuring that software is safe.

Our capabilities

  • Integrated verification and validation
  • Electronic control failure assessment
  • Testing: MiL, HiL, SiL, PiL, and Statistical.

Embedded software platforms need to provide fast and deterministic responses to events especially in safety and mission critical applications.

Our embedded software engineers have delivered numerous projects using a wide variety of commercial and custom real-time operating systems. With the ability to get involved at all levels of development, our experts can help you with anything from concept design to working system delivery.

Our capabilities

  • Embedded software development using real-time operating systems
  • Worst case execution time analysis (WCET)
  • Verification
  • Real-time operating systems integration
  • Real-time operating systems selection.

Secure and reliable digital communications are fundamental throughout society and infrastructure.

Our engineers understand the challenges involved in the design and implementation of communications systems. Our experience covers the analysis, design and implementation in accordance with radio standards at the physical layer, through to the application layer and beyond to the wider system architecture.

Our capabilities

  • Secure communications
  • Communications architecture design
  • Network analysis
  • Protocol stack development for IP communications and radio standards
  • Modelling of algorithms and signal propagation environment.

Control of dynamic systems requires careful design and tuning for correct operation.

Our experts can carry out detailed system analysis to optimise the development of control algorithms. With experience ranging from pre-conceptual algorithm design through to performance validation during in-field testing, we are well placed to assist with any challenges you face.

Our capabilities

  • System dynamics analysis and modelling
  • Algorithm design and development
  • Rapid concept optioneering
  • Testing
  • Validation.

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