Human-centred product design

Our product design services place the user at the centre, ensuring we are able deliver highly effective technical solutions balanced with a satisfying user experience.

At Frazer-Nash, we place the user at the heart of our design processes.

Working across a wide range of applications, we focus on user needs – delivering appropriate solutions by combining the latest technologies with our people’s breadth of market sector and technical know-how. By transferring the skills and knowledge from one industry to another, we’re able to solve even the most problematic challenge.

We are able to manage and deliver complex multi-disciplinary projects, with the use of ISO accredited, tried and tested design processes.

We can support you at all stages of your product’s life cycle – from understanding your users and developing early concepts; through to delivering working prototypes, test and evaluation; and performing user trials. We also guide you all the way – from early concept and prototype and on into production.

We also support our clients in delivering product upgrades and expansion of their product portfolio.

Examples of type of things we can help you with include:

  • medical devices and specialist consumer goods
  • personal protective equipment and technology
  • autonomous and unmanned systems
  • elite sport training aids and equipment
  • sport and leisure goods
  • start-up innovation support
  • digital design and visualisation of concepts.

We help our clients to develop innovation solutions with the user at their heart - capitalising on advancing technology, and drawing on our cross-industry experience.