Joint defence

Delivering innovative engineering and technology solutions to support the UK's Strategic Command.

At Frazer-Nash, we listen to our customers to understand their challenges and provide solutions to their complex problems. We are proud to work with the defence supply chain, non-traditional defence organisations, SMEs and academia to bring world-leading capabilities to support the front line.

We work across the land, air, sea, cyber and space domains at the strategic, operational and tactical level. Our diverse and broad portfolio of work means we have developed a unique insight and deep understanding of the multi-domain integration challenge.

Our expertise and capabilities span: 

  • Data science
  • Open systems architecture
  • Geospatial expertise
  • Enterprise and solution architecture
  • Requirements management
  • Human factors
  • Software assurance
  • Cyber
  • Security architecture specialists.

UK Strategic Command

At Frazer-Nash, we work across all five warfighting domains, at all levels - offering a truly considered understanding of the environment in which defence operates. Utilising our dynamic and original thinkers, we challenge the boundaries to develop bespoke solutions fit for the future. We are at the forefront of modernising technology for defence.

At a strategic level, our people can help you test and analyse strategies ahead of implementation - informed through data analysis, economic modelling, and technical knowledge. Working together, we can successfully help navigate a pathway to realised benefits.

We are proud to support defence as it transitions into the “Information Age’s Integrated Force”. Our people thrive on complex challenges, whilst their knowledge and expertise can support you to:

Manage data as an asset

Integrate cross-domain capabilities

Successfully deliver digital transformation

Turn policy into strategy

Address the cyber challenge.


Our contribution to this sector brings together experience across multiple capabilities within the organisation, including:

Enterprise architecture

Open systems

Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) 


Artificial intelligence

Digital transformation.

Contributing expertise and innovative thinking to support the development and delivery of intelligence products to the defence customer.

Defence Digital

Recognised for delivering a broad range of digital consultancy services, we're ‘solution-agnostic’, and positioned to provide trusted independent advice. We design solutions that are built on knowledge and experience acquired from a broad range of markets, technologies, and platforms.

Our consultants have a diverse and varied portfolio of work within this sector, with contributions ranging from client-side support for the next generation of military satellites, to high classification information assurance, digital transformation, cyber security, P3M, supportability and data management and exploitation.

Specialising in open systems architectures for the design and development of complex systems, our openness assurance services complement formal architecture methodologies, and consider a range of perspectives.

In 2018, Frazer-Nash was appointed as testing and conformance partner for the next generation tactical communication information system, Morpheus.

We help our clients develop better big data capture, management, manipulation and exploitation; supporting decision-making in complex areas.

Medical services

We enable innovation and improvement in the delivery of medical technologies and health services.

Our deep understanding of the defence domain, fused with our experience and expertise in the health sector, provides the knowledge and know-how to solve some of defence medical's most complex challenges. We help harness digital technologies, data, tools and innovations to deliver meaningful change to the frontline.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, our team supported the programme to deliver additional ventilators to where they were needed most; whilst our work on decision support has helped examine the effects of policy on the COVID-19 virus.

Logistics and support

People are at the heart of what we do. We help maintain military capability and work to keep the front line safe.

We support our clients to develop better big data capture, management, manipulation and exploitation - enabling our customers to capitalise on the power of technology - empowering them to employ data, information and insight-led decision-making.

Our work supports the maintenance of a resilient, effective and efficient defence support capability. And we're leading contributors to to MOD’s thinking on sustainability and decarbonisation.

Our work supports the maintenance of a resilient, effective and efficient defence support capability. And we're leading contributors to to MOD’s thinking on sustainability and decarbonisation.

Joint force development

We understand the critical importance of an educated workforce within UK defence.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of our people, we bring together understanding and thinking across multiple domains, to help inform education and training.

We take a high-level systems view and apply our Systems Approach to support our customers with their complex challenges. We put people at the heart of our approach, applying our knowledge of human factors, cognitive psychology, human behaviour, training, safety and reliability assessments to evaluate systems and organisations.

Research and innovation

We bring world-class expertise and contextual understanding to deliver cutting edge research and innovation on complex defence C4ISR challenges.

At Frazer-Nash, we deliver research and innovation to enable defence to harness disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.

We contribute to delivering military advantage and national resilience through smarter, more agile utilisation of capability. And, we lead, manage and deliver world class exploitable research for defence and other clients, through accessing a diverse range of expertise, including the non-traditional defence suppliers.

As the prime contractor for Serapis, Lot 6 ‘Understand’, we capitalise on the benefits of a robust supply network to draw on research, capabilities and skills across industry and academia to provide technical support and innovative solutions to our customers.

Serapis Lot 6, Understand

Development of data analytics and information processing tools and techniques in support of Defence’s decision making processes and techniques.